Professional PerioCream is an innovative, 2 Phase Scaling and Root Planing Aftercare Kit.  It comes in the form of a ready to use paste dressing which is applied by the dentist following a scaling and root planing treatment (SRP) and followed up with a gum brushing solution given to the patient by the dentist to carry out for 10 days after the SRP treatment.   It is clinically proven, safe and easy to use and is the only universal system offering an aftercare treatment for patients.

Phase One Paste dressing application

Phase 1 of the PerioCream Kit is a paste dressing, which provides protection for bleeding and inflammed gums. This paste is applied by the dentist following SRP and can last up to five hours on the gums. The paste contains up to 30% Olive oil and has mucco-adhesive properties, which means that on contact with water and saliva the product becomes sticky. This helps  to create a strong barrier which provides a good isolation of the affected area. Dentists may choose to use this paste directly after the SRP treatment, or also during the SRP treatment to protect an already treated quadrant from being cross-contaminated.

Advantages of Phase One Paste dressing application

  • Unique Olive Oil based pre-mixed periodontal paste
  • Isolates and protects gums from cross contamination
  • Reduction of pain sensation to the patient
  • Bleeding control after SRP treatment
  • Microbial reduction
  • Paste dressing dissolves naturally in the patients mouth over time
  • Neutral taste


Phase Two Patient Aftercare

Phase 2 is a “Take Home Patient Kit” given to the patient following the application of Phase 1. This patient kit contains 10 effervescent tablets to be used to create a liquid brushing solution and a specially provided container so that the patient can measure out the required quantity of water. The patient is recommended to brush with the solution daily for 10 days.

The liquid solution has been shown to decrease healing time, reduce bleeding of the gums, and reduce the microbial gum infection. This allows for a powerful and unique aftercare system that differs from the use of a mouthwash in that it also allows for the benefits of a mechanical action due to the brushing, as well as the penetrative action of the liquid formulation.  The formula has also been successfully used in the past as a powerful anti-biofilm agent on removable dental appliances under the trade name of NitrAdine®.

Advantages of Phase Two Patient Aftercare

  • Faster healing
  • Less painful
  • Reduces microbial gum infection
  • Reduces bleeding
  • Proven formulation