Are you interested in knowing more about how PerioCream works and how it can be of use to both you as the dentist and your patients?  Read through the following FAQs to find out more on how Professional “PerioCream” can be part of your regular aftercare treatment for a scaling and root planing procedure.

How does PerioCream work?

By applying the premixed paste dressing over the gum line after carrying out a scaling and root planing treatment (SRP) the paste dressing provides a protective layer over the gum line which enables the gums to recover properly.  It reduces inflammation, bleeding and provides pain relief to the patient.   It has been clinically proven that PerioCream significantly reduces Plaque Index, Gingival Index and Periodontal Bleeding Index and no patients complained about irritation following application of the PerioCream Periodontal Paste Dressing.

Can more than one application of the PerioCream paste dressing be applied on the gum line by the dentist?

Yes.  Depending on how severe the SRP treatment is, it is safe to apply more than one application on the gum lines.  The premixed paste dressing can also be used to help prevent cross contamination when treating SRP quadrants within the mouth.

Does the premixed paste dressing need to be removed after application?

No.  The premixed paste dressing dissolves naturally in the mouth over time and can hold for up to 5 hours.

Is it important that the patient carry out the second phase of the treatment?

Clinical studies have proven that after the complete PerioCream treatment (Phase One and Phase Two), all patients experienced reduction in gum pain, dryness sensation, gum or sulcus bleeding, including symptoms of infection.

What are PerioCream’s distinctive features?

The premixed paste dressing has strong adhesive properties, acting as a mechanical barrier.
Unique formulation containing Olive Oil.
The premixed paste dressing material dissolves by itself over time in the mouth
One time application only.
User friendly for both dentist and patient.
Curved tip providing added precision when applying.
PerioCream is a 2 phase system – Phase 1 performed by the dentist and Phase 2 is carried out by the patient, providing extra “after-care” for a speedier, less painful recovery.

Is PerioCream biocompatible?

Yes.  Both the premixed paste dressing used in Phase One and the effervescent tablets used in Phase Two of PerioCream are biocompatible making it safe to use.

What is the active ingredient that makes PerioCream so effective?

There isn’t one active ingredient in PerioCream that makes the product so effective.  It is the combination of all ingredients, including our well reknowned “Nitradine” formulation contained in the brushing tablets which has been successfully used in the past as a powerful anti-biofilm agent on removable dental appliances.
The premixed paste dressing applied by the dentist also contains Olive oil which is known for its soothing and anti-bacterial properties.

Not only do the ingredients play a major role in the success of this product, but it is also due to the 2  2 phases in this product – Phase One carried out by the dentist and Phase Two carried out by the patient.